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Car sharing v Car rental in LA?

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By Paolina Traveller November 28, 2018

Hello LA locals!
What's the best option, in terms of costs and availability, to get around in LA for six days? We were considering renting a car and spending 47$/day. However, would it be better to use car sharing instead? What are your experiences? Our airbnb is between Malibu and LA.
My doubts concerning car sharing are costs in the long-term and availability of cars. I was thinking of WaiveCar, which seems really affordable.
I'd love to have any feedbacks.
Thank you very much!

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8 answers

We have Lyft & Uber. But given the distance from your Airbnb, rental might be more economical. I am not familiar with WaiveCar.
Juliann Local November 28, 2018
Depending on where you plan to visit ride share might be better just because you won't have to find and pay for parking. Parking in LA is hit or miss, and the rules can differ literally from street to street, so if you aren't on top of your parking meter getting a parking ticket is always a possibility. I'd say that ride share averages about $20-25/ride. If you can pick a few places you know you are going to visit in the area I would use the apps and get quotes for the rides, then google the parking situation at each place. It will be a few minutes well spent to compare the costs. I've never used WaiveCar so I can't comment on that. Good luck!
Melissa Local November 30, 2018
It depends on if you like to stay around town or plan trips.
$47/day for car rental is cheap.
Winnie Local November 28, 2018
Rent a car. One trip from Santa Monica to downtown will already cost you around $40. LA is so large that it makes perfect sense to rent a car. You'll be able to get around much easier and save more money in the long run
Nam Local November 28, 2018
LA is a very large city and it is much easier to have your own car to explore it. You also have a lot more flexibility than with her sharing. Try the website Autoslash. They automatically look for the lowest price in car rentals and then notify you is the price drops.
Have fun
Judith Local November 28, 2018
Uber and lyft are your best options
Jay Local November 28, 2018
Plus you won’t have to hassle with finding and paying for parking which are time and wallet consuming
Jay Local November 28, 2018
You can even use electric bird and Lyme scooters/bikes between shorter distances. Download all these apps prior
Jay Local November 28, 2018
If you can get a real price of 47 it will probably save you money. Availability of ride share cars is usually not a problem but if you are going to spend a lot of time running around it will get pricey.
Mark Local November 28, 2018