Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation house

By Local March 1, 2019
Los Angeles

Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation house

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By Raz Local March 1, 2019

Hallo everyone's, we would like to know if you have any information about getting tickets for the Frederick R. Weisman Art home.
We would like to visit there and some how their website connects only to cosmetic products.
Maybe you can help me?
Thanks in advance.
Raz Frid

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The address is 265 N Carolwood Dr. Los Angeles, CA
Phone # 310-277-5321
Hours - M-F 10:30am-2pm by appt. only
Admission is free
There seems to be a problem with their website & some have reported that no one is answering the phone or confirming reservations.
If you have transportation, you might just go there & see if you can get tickets/appt. in person.
Local March 1, 2019
Hi Juliann and thanks for the quick response and the information, we do live in Berlin /Germany so it's a bit uncomfortable to call them, we are visiting LA from the 06 to the 19 of April, if you live there and it's not too much to ask you for, maybe you can give them a short call when ever is convenient for you and let me know if we need to book in advance two places, the best would be for the 07 or 08 of April in the morning, we are planning to rent a car for the time there.
let me know please if you can or can't check it for me. Have a great weekend from Berlin.
Hi again Juliann,
l have just called the Nr. that you have sent and was able to order the tour for the 08.04 Monday for 10:30am.
So first thanks again for your effort, and also to inform you that the Website is still blocked and the only way to book it only via a call.
have a great week. If you plan to visit berlin and have a question please feel welcome to ask.
;-)) Raz
Great Raz. Glad I could assist. I have nerver been to Berlin but have a desire to do so - adding it to my bucket list.
Best Regards, Juliann