Tech house bars/clubs

By Traveller August 8, 2019
Los Angeles

Tech house bars/clubs

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By Jade Traveller August 8, 2019


Im flying in from London next month and will be LA from 7th sept - 10th sept. Does anyone know of any bars playing decent house music?

Preferably tech/deep house?

Jade :)

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my favorite local club is sound for tech/deep house depending on who shows up.
And there are always tech/deep house parties that pop up in random spots so you'll want to look around.
Check resident:
or the dice app has some stuff too which is helpful.

here's some other venues with more mainstream.

Local August 8, 2019
Hi Jade
I'm host of the #1 nightlife experience in LA called the Speakeasy Experience. I'm on ig @thelacitychick . DM me and I'll give you some resources. Consider coming out on a speakeasy hidden bar experience while you're in town. There's no deep house but you'll meet great fun travelers like yourself.
Local August 8, 2019
Sadly, most of the clubs here play hip hop. You can try Exchange and Academy and maybe Sound, but you should check on what nights are good.... sometimes a club will have one or two nights a week with House / EDM, but the rest of the time hip hop. Good luck!
Local August 8, 2019