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Minimalist in LA

By Traveller April 14, 2020
Los Angeles

Minimalist in LA

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By Morten Traveller April 14, 2020

Hi. I want to move to LA. I'm 44, single male. I'm interested of plain lifestyle. Really small studio in dingbat would be perfect for me. I consider the valley. I like Asian food, so not planning to eat in expensive places. Same with clothes. H&M is my favorite. I have vespa scooter and it's my only vehicle that I own. I'm not a party guy either. How much money in your opinion i had to spend for life in LA considering my needs?

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Well consider housing to be biggest expense. You won't find less than $1000 a month for anywhere even remote that is still "LA". Factor utilities, groceries, wifi. Insurances - health/ medical. I'd say the real question is why the move to LA. Sometimes the Why is more important than the How. Hope this was a little helpful.
Local April 14, 2020
It's like "why someone choose one person for life?" because love. LA is my lifetime love. I'm not about becoming famous or rich there. Not for career. It's about the mood of the place. The streets, the palm trees, the ocean, the hills, the food, the events, the art, the people, the being yourself :)
That's the answer. Your Love will help you find a way. I love this city and would live here in the basics over moving anywhere else. My friend lives here ... and has $1500 a month total expenses.
I think your definition of minimalist might not match mine, but I'll describe my minimalist experience:

Studio apartment: $900-1500
Public Transit: $3.5-7/day of travel (5 days a week?)
Daily groceries: $10/day
Eating out once a week: $15/week
Phone: $30/ month
Internet: $60/month
Clothing: $30/month

$1500-2300/month should be more than enough.
Local Ambassador April 14, 2020
Your probably going to need around a grand monthly for rent easily 2. Then utilities, let’s say $300. Eating out even at cheap family Asian joints cost. So probably a grand or so for food a month. Sooo little over $3,000/month minimum. But I’d say $5000 to be safe but still very frugal plus unexpected things like your scooters breaking down.
Local April 14, 2020
...what? Are you suggesting that everyone who lives in Los Angeles makes at least $3000/month?

Yes, rent is expensive. And $1000/month might be low, in fact.

But utilities are not $300/ month

Even if you eat out every day, food and clothes for one person is not $1700/month.