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Catch a break under the trees

Why locals love it

A place with no-way street signs all around, Place Sathonay has a small "Pétanque" area. It is surrounded with plenty of small restaurants and a few shops, perfect for a lunch break or just a drink. Ideally located between "Le Vieux Lyon" and "Croix Rousse", Place Sathonay is one of my favourite pitstops in Lyon.


Why you should visit it

In Place Sathonay, the sound of engines is replaced with people's voices, it is quiet and lively all together. The tranquility of the area invites to resting, or grabbing a bite. The French's summer favourite pastime, Pétanque, can be played there too ! But you have to bring your own "boules"!

Special tip

Parking is very complicated in the whole area.

Place Sathonay
Place Sathonay, 69001 Lyon, France
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