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Organic cute cafes/restaurants

By Traveller August 8, 2017

Organic cute cafes/restaurants

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By Maria Traveller August 8, 2017

Hi, I'm going to Lyon soon and I've been looking for some cute bakeries/cafes/restaurants like Les Cafetiers. I would appreciate if you had any recommendations :)

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Hi Maria!

There's this cute cafe called My Petite Factory :

Have fun in Lyon :)
Traveller August 9, 2017
Hi ! :)
You shouldn't have difficulties to find a good restaurant in lyon, there is a street with a lot of nice and cute restaurant called "rue des maronniers" near Bellecour. Otherwise you can find "rue mercière", a nice street with a lot of restaurants, not supper cheap but really nice.
If you like "tartines" you can go in "l'Epicerie", it's a simple restaurant with a family and traditional mood :) and you have to try a "bouchon lyonnais" that you can find in "Vieux Lyon". It's a typical lyonnaise cuisine and very fun if you want to discover the culture in Lyon :)
I hope that you will be happy in lyon ! :)
Local August 8, 2017
Hi Maria,

It's not always easy to eat organic (and let's not talk about veggie!) in Lyon where food traditions are deeply rooted.

The only two organic ("bio" or "biologique" in french) I go on a regular basis are :

1/ "De l'autre côté du pont", a nice cooperative company with simple and inexpensive terroir food and local beer. This being so, it is really good, simple, nourishing, we do not ask for more. If in fact: it is a cooperative society of production workers, therefore an actor in the social and solidarity economy. To go there is both a militant gesture for this "other economy" and a gastronomic gesture!


2/ Yaline
Organic self-service, friendly and varied
Sophie, Mathieu and their team have been opening the first organic Végétarien restaurant in Lyon for more than 2 years now. Variety, flavors and conviviality are at the rendezvous: There are always 2 hot dishes to choose from, many appetizers and desserts available. Located on Rue Paul Bert (near the building of the Greater Lyon, sector Part Dieu), Soline is often full at noon. Open some evenings, with various animations, Soline also offers cooking classes. In short, the restaurant that was lacking in Lyon.

Friends of mine strongly recommanded me Yabio, which has the particularity to be a fast-food, in Lyon 1 and Le Moulin in Lyon 3, a bakery.

Hope to see you in Lyon Maria !
Local August 8, 2017