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Vegetarian food / restaurants in Lyon?

By Traveller August 21, 2016

Vegetarian food / restaurants in Lyon?

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By Charlie Traveller August 21, 2016

Hi I just arrived in Lyon, and because it is summer, many restaurants are shut. Other restaurants have few vegetarian options. Does anyone have any tips for nice restaurants with some vegetarian dishes? I'd like to try some French food, not just vegetarian Indian food which I often eat at home. Thank you!!

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I would recommend le court-circuit (lunches are particularly awesome)
Lyon is not the place for vegans, but if you are ready to make a small compromise on your diet (which I do when I eat outside), I would recommend that you try this dish : Quenelles sauce Nantua (baked flour and fish sausage with lobster sauce). Le poelon d'or is one of the best places for that.
Hope that helps.

Local October 6, 2016
Hello charlie, if you want to eat vegan food, you can go to Yafalafel, it's a very nice spot, Yomogi (best japanese ramen) and Mozzato (best quality spot, all dishes are composed of mozzarella)

I also can give you another spots (but not vegan) :

- Local food (bouchon lyonnais) : CHEZ HUGON
- Les burgers de papa (the best burger for me in Lyon)
- Petit marcel (another good burgers)
- TANDOORI (indian street food)
- Les brasseries Georges (traditional dishes)

Finally, if you have enough monney you can go to Tête d'oie (very expensive) with gastronomic dishes and an amazing view on lyon)

I hope that information will help you !

Have good times in the most beautiful city in France !
Local August 24, 2016
Leave your reply...thanks for the tips! We have been to toutes les colors (yummy, interesting, good price for a set menu but pricier for other menus), indo cafe (delicious, I think Vietnamese cuisine, great price and yummy set lunch menu) and la marsa (a yummy Tunisian restaurant, quite affordable, nice menu and desserts). TLC was all veggie whilst the other two did veggie options and you could also ask for dishes without meat. We also went to le petit auberge in st irenee which was a bit pricier but were tolerant of vegetarians and, despite no veggie options, were happy to omit the meat from the goats cheese salad. There was also a really nice salad from the café in the parc de la tête d'or, which had melon in!
Good luck to any vegetarians in Lyon! You will be fine if you try hard enough :) its sad when people say there is nothing veggie that they can provide you but don't worry, there are many nice places to dine as a vegetarian in Lyon!