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travelling to Lyon - Geneva

By Traveller September 8, 2017

travelling to Lyon - Geneva

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By Wael Traveller September 8, 2017

me and my friend are planning to visit Lyon at 5/10 and then go to Switzerland (geneva). we are actually looking for locals to give us advice on how much days to spend at Lyon and maybe there's some cities beside that we should see. (planning to do have good nightlife, and traveling at day) we are planning to start at 5/10 Lyon, and finish at 9/10 geneva.
so if it's possible to help us that would be great , also meet you there and hang out to have beer would be greater :)
I really appreciate it if you could help me.

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Hello, you could spend two day at Lyon and i would suggest that you spend a day at Annecy, it's very beautiful to see (it's at around 2hrs far from Lyon and cheap to go there by Train). Half a day at Pérouge is enough it's a beautiful medieval city near Lyon. Enjoy your stay :)
Local September 8, 2017