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Winter markets/fairs

By Traveller June 30, 2017

Winter markets/fairs

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By Louise Traveller June 30, 2017


I'm interested about the markets or fairs on winter season, that are the most popular, and where You can find different kind of designer things... im interested also about the opportunities to participate there... ;)

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Hi Louise

The Christmas markets in Manchester are great. They have gotten really, really big and get very busy on the weekends.

The stalls are pretty much across the whole of the City Centre, with the main ones being at the Town Hall Square and St Anne's Square.

The stalls are mainly food, drink and craft items. You won't find any 'designer' stuff in terms of branded clothing, but there are lots of independent makers selling own stuff.

Details of the markets are here: - If you look at the bottom of the page there is an email address where you might find out about taking part (having a stall).


Local July 3, 2017
Hi Louise
Manchester City centre has neumerous locations for the seasonal Christmas markets. The biggest will be found in Albert square. Other areas are st Ann's square and spinning fields. I think these usually start in the last week of November. The stalls are usually crafts, food and drink. You won't fine designer labels on these stalls
Hope you enjoy your trip.
Local June 30, 2017
The biggest ones during winter is definitely the Manchester Christmas markets. Clustered heavily in the west part of the city center outside the town hall and in and around King st and Queen st. There are hundreds of stalls. The markets normally start early November stretching until after Christmas.
You have to register with the council to participate
Local June 30, 2017