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Hanging around in the multiethnic market

Le Marché des Capucins

Why locals love it

We love this place because of its colors and atmosphere, the Capucins market or Noailles market is also the best market in Marseille in terms of price (people can stock up on fruits and vegetables of the week for 15 € maximum).



Why you should visit it

You can find everything, not only in the square where fruits and vegetables overflow stalls, but also in Long Street, where the smell of spices, pastries and speciality from Northern Africa. This markert, known by all can show you the multiethnicity character of our city.

Special tip

Don't miss to try Mahjoubas, Tuna'sBricks and "Fricassés"

Le Marché des Capucins
1 Rue Longue des Capucins, Marseille, France
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