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Clubbing in front of the sea

R2 | Le Rooftop

Why locals love it

We love this place because it offers a incredible panoramic seesight on the sea. It s a club in open air in a 8000m² terrace, in the top of a new big Mall . Sometimes there are famous DJ's performing there. It's one of the most famous place in Marseille



Why you should visit it

There you can enjoy the wonderful sunset, in front of the sea, drinking a cocktail and dancing on the open air -dancefloor. The only problem is that this place is crowed by people but you must go there on time if you are visiting Marseille.

Special tip

It's better to make reservation before to go there, cause places are limited

R2 | Le Rooftop
Les Terrasses du Port (Niveau 3), Marseille, France
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