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Questions about the mauritian culture!

By Traveller April 10, 2018

Questions about the mauritian culture!

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By clara Traveller April 10, 2018

Hello everyone!
I have some question about your culture. I've heard that the Mauritian culture is unique in the way that it is influenced by many different countries. In what ways can you tell? And does it affect you? For example, are there any holidays that (basically) everyone celebrates? Also, does that cause any problems?

I would love to visit your beautiful country one day!

Kind regards, Clasmasu

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hello; ok if you look in the google map we are approximately in the middle of indian ocean and that the way we are influenced by many countries likes ; africa,india ,china, saudi arabia etc.....;it does not affect any anyone unless some stupid young people unaware how to respect other religions;sometime also old peoples . In every religions we have at least one public holiday..EVERY one celebrates NEW YEAR, CHRISTMAS, DIWALI....; NOT AT ALL BUT MAY BE IN THE INFLUENCED OF ALCOHOL...
Traveller September 14, 2018