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Active date ideas

By Traveller September 9, 2018

Active date ideas

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By Fiona Traveller September 9, 2018

I need some ideas for a fun, active second date. I want something different to the usual dinner and drinks. We are both super active people, so added points if it involves exercise. Will be on Friday night, after 6pm is the only restriction. Thanks!

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2 answers

Are you game to try indoor rock climbing? There are centres all around melbourne, including in the city. I've never been but it looks like that could be a really fun evening second date! Definitely open at night.
Local September 9, 2018
Hi Liz, thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention, the one thing he is scared of is heights. Rock climbing was my first idea. I love it! But no go unfortunately. He said he is happy to try anything but climbing haha. Thanks again
Fiona Traveller September 10, 2018
Hi Fiona, have you thought about something like Holy Moly minigolf bar? I think it can get pretty busy on a Friday, but is supposed to be super fun. Depending on where you are in town you could also consider the Break Room in Collingwood - smashing things with baseball bats is even more fun than it sounds!
Local September 10, 2018