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A long stay in CDMX...

By Traveller November 16, 2020
Mexico City

A long stay in CDMX...

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By Michelle Traveller November 16, 2020

I'll be using this time off from festival work to explore Mexico City all of Feb. & Mar. (I was in town previously for just a week). I give food tours in New Orleans, which is a very touristy town, and provide a unique look into what I know to be local things- I love for people to appreciate the weird things I love about my city that tourists never get to see. So, I am asking graciously for you to share any small businesses (bars, cafes, bakeries, flower stands), outdoor areas (hikes, swimming spots, magical places inside parks), galleries and alternative art spaces (circus, dance, street art, design treasures), places that are magical to you as a local, that never appear on tourist blogs or travel sites and you wish other people could experience when they come to Mexico City!
Also, happy for any tips that you feel are important and would share- transportation, customs, etc.- I'm well traveled but there's always great tips from locals that can save time and money. Staying in Escandon near Roma Sur...

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Traveller August 13, 2021
I woud recommend "La merced" food market, where you can eat pancita or quesadillas for a low price, then the Xochimilco Flower and plants market, you can buy some christmas trees and all plants stuff, also there are near places to go hiking and have a good time. There are a lot of good taquerias near here, (I live in Iztacalco), and the market is awesome too.
I'm hoping the "circo volador" is open at the time you are staying here... It's an alternative center for visual arts, aerial dance, sculpture and photography, there are some temporary exhibitions. If you need exact information, you can contact me.
Local November 16, 2020
You need to call my son. He is bicultural, speaks english one hundred percent as he was raised in Texas, he is young and exactly like to give that exclusive perspective to his tourist about the hidden local treasures. Sometimes is not as fancy as can be, but will be the most delicious plate that gets crowds to get one, or places with a great atmosphere develop over time because some local reasons. He gets your point. Oh and by the way, he is a tourist guide himself, he is very very knowledgeable and you will get to spend great time listening about a lot of local tales. You can write him morfest@gmail.com his name is Leon Yela. You will thank me a lot if you get to spend some of your time with his guideness. I hope you have a great time here in México
Traveller November 16, 2020