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Dreamy beach without all the fuzz

Haulover Beach

Why locals love it

Haulover beach is located in the area of Aventura, a lot further than the typical SouthBeach scene but if you are looking for a more quiet /laidback experience then this beach is definitely for you. The views are amazing and is very relaxing.



Why you should visit it

A nice change of pace from the hectic beach life in South Beach and definitely a place more visited by locals then tourists. Theres's plenty of parking available so you won't miss time finding a spot. Parking goes for $6.50 all day. The beach offers umbrella/chairs rentals for about $35 for the whole day and there's also food options.

Special tip

download the pay to park app on your phone.

Haulover Beach
10800 Collins Ave (between Bal Harbour & Sunny Isles Beach), Haulover Beach, FL 33154, United States

Mon-Su: 08:00-19:00

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