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I need to get from Bergamo airport to Malpensa Airport. Can i find a bus that goes directly or there is a better way?

Sim March 2, 2022 answer

I live in via Ernesto Breda and the closest park here is parco bicocco, i wanted to go for morning running and jogging!… Read more

Suneha February 28, 2021 answer

We are students from Politecnico di Milano, and due to Covid 19 everyone is in their home country, but for our Urban de… Read more

MERI October 22, 2020 answer

im bringing my boyfriend to milan as a surprise for his birthday in february we are not that interested in museums and … Read more

Jo January 31, 2020 answer

Hello, we are trying to find a local guide preferably academic who can show us around while we are in Milan in June. A… Read more

Phil January 30, 2020 answer

Dear all, we we'll visit Salonicco during X-mas time and we would like some tips from locals. We will spend a couple o… Read more

marika November 28, 2019 answer

i am cloths designer and would like to have my pictures ( 2-3)

Zhanyl November 17, 2019 answer

will be in Milan close to the central station and i like hip hop and laud music. Thanks for your help.

Mahmoud November 5, 2019 answer

Hello ppl, What is the best place to find good deals for the black friday. Mainly, I’ll be looking for men clothes.. … Read more

Mohammed October 20, 2019 answer

Hi, I am in Milan next week and would like to do a running tour to discover the city... Any tips? Thanks!

Fre September 2, 2019 answer

Hope to take my wife to Milan for her 70th birthday on 2nd January for 4 days. Can you recommend a good place to stay t… Read more

John August 14, 2019 answer

Hi, my family and i are in milan this weekend, we enjoy our coffee and would love to ask your recommendation for the be… Read more

Marissa July 4, 2019 answer

Hello! I am in Milan for a couple days for work, and then a day on my own, and im looking for things to do. By then, i … Read more

Sean July 3, 2019 answer

Hey! I am a bit confused about transportation from Orio al Serio airport to Milan. Many pages showed me just to take a … Read more

Kristyna June 18, 2019 answer

I will be spending a couple of days in Milan in early July, by myself. What would be the best area of the city to stay … Read more

Sean May 14, 2019 answer

looking for somewhere affordable and special to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of the area.. music and food.. whats on in… Read more

Tara May 9, 2019 answer

Where would you recommend shopping for good clothing deals?

Andrea April 26, 2019 answer

I want to pack enough but not too much. How warm or cold is it usually during May? What do locals wear to nightclubs o… Read more

Joyce April 19, 2019 answer

Next wednesday march 6 I am in Milan. I hope to find a local shortly to guide me through the city's inspiring hotspots.… Read more

Hans March 5, 2019 answer

Hi all I'm a fashion student in UK and was wondering if anyone can give me any information on fashion in milan, do loca… Read more

Adam January 26, 2019 answer

Guys, we are with 8 girls for birhday party. Do you know nice place for dinner? thanks

Elena January 25, 2019 answer

Hello! Do you guys have any recommendations on stores with nice, innovative / different gift ideas? Thanks a bunch

Mariana January 21, 2019 answer

I would like to travel with some friends in the north of italy for some days but I only have 20 years and the prices I … Read more

Margarida January 20, 2019 answer

Hi :) Im going to be in Milan in June and want to propose to my girlfriend, what are the most romantic restaurants … Read more

GARY January 3, 2019 answer

I was wondering where in Milan I can have a casual kick about with my friends or family

Charlie December 28, 2018 answer

Hello- Any disco clubs or place for hangouts for 16 years old + in Milan? Gratzie

mike December 9, 2018 answer

Hello- We will be traveling this month to Milan- please let me know which disco clubs for 16 years plus in Milan , Ita… Read more

mike December 4, 2018 answer

Hello, We are coming to Milan for the first time and would like to buy some art from a vendor off the street (not in a… Read more

Michele November 26, 2018 answer

I want to go to the gym with sauna in Milano. I will stay here for one week and I’d love do the best exsercise.

Agata November 20, 2018 answer


nazlı November 6, 2018 answer

Hi everyone! I'm coming to Milan for New Year's and I need some suggestions on what there is to do. I'm coming with a … Read more

Liliana November 6, 2018 answer

Hello I’ m arriving in Milan next week. I would like to taste typical food, like a good risotto not overpriced and with… Read more

Jane November 5, 2018 answer

Hi! I am in Milan for a week and I was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations for the Porta Romana area. -P… Read more

Maria October 23, 2018 answer

Ciao, I'm looking for the best places for aperitivo - preferably in the Navigli district. Something in reasonable price… Read more

Karolina October 17, 2018 answer

Hello, we are going to stay from 30.12. to 1.1. in Milano so can you provide us with some tips like: 1. work hours of … Read more

Dragi October 16, 2018 answer

Hello! I'll be in Milano with my boyfriend from 25 to 28 Oct. I am interested in: - Good cafes known only by locals … Read more

Sabina October 11, 2018 answer

Hi! I'm planning to visit Milan for several days in November with a kid and a small baby. Could you please recommend me… Read more

ANASTASIA October 10, 2018 answer

Goos day, we are thinking of coming to milan weekend of 7-10 december. I noticed that the 7th and 8th december is a pub… Read more

Jozef September 30, 2018 answer

Sorry if this has been asked before! I am going to Milan for my 30th birthday at the very start of November for a weeke… Read more

Rebecca September 26, 2018 answer

Hi, where can i print my own design on a t-shirt in Milan?

Tania September 24, 2018 answer

Hi, i need to make some alterations to a top and maybe order a custom dress. Looking for experienced dressmaker that wo… Read more

Tania September 22, 2018 answer

Hi! I was wondering if it’s legal to download music from YouTube or movies as torrents in Italy? Because in Germany for… Read more

Silva September 21, 2018 answer

Hey, are there any cheap secondhand stores in Milan? I only found vintage ones, which are crazy expensive.

Silva September 9, 2018 answer

We will be arriving in Milan on Oct.6th and would love to get tickets to see the Last Supper. Either on Sunday, Oct. 7… Read more

Sandra September 6, 2018 answer

Hello! I recently moved in Milan and i have no idea what to do, where to go, where to start exploring the place. Could … Read more

Silva September 6, 2018 answer

Hy, I would very appreciate it if you can give me some hints about: some hidden place, rooftop bars, local restaura… Read more

Lidia September 4, 2018 answer

Hey guys! Do you know any store in Milan specialized in different and cool T-Shirts, like different graphic prints / mo… Read more

Mariana August 27, 2018 answer

Hello, can you please tell me which neighborhood to stay in Milan? we love food, art and walk a lot. we have a 2 year… Read more

ikram August 13, 2018 answer

We want to go to eat somewhere tonight, but a lot of nice restaurants are closed on Monday in August. Where to go? A b… Read more

Vera August 13, 2018 answer

We're visting Milan next week and I was amazed by the architecture of the pavilions in the Milan Expo 2015 Village. Is … Read more

Adam July 31, 2018 answer

Hello All My wife and my daughter will join me next month at milan,Italy. My daughter is 3yr old, I am confused a… Read more

achint July 12, 2018 answer

We are from Johannesburg in South Africa, and would love to do a blend of cultural and new explorations of Milan (off t… Read more

Tebogo July 8, 2018 answer

Dear All, We will arrive in Milan-Bergamo airport in the late night hours (23:55). Next morning our flight is from Mi… Read more

Magdolna July 4, 2018 answer

Ciao please i want to spend a week in august in north italy. I will stay in piacenza three days and two days in venice… Read more

Heba June 24, 2018 answer

What is the best boutique hotel? And is this area good for accessing all areas of Milan?

Leigh May 21, 2018 answer

Hi We are a bachelorette and will be in Milan on a saturday. We are looking for a bar where there is some dancing as… Read more

Vera May 10, 2018 answer

Does QC Terme Milano spa allow pregnant women in. I am aware I will be unable to use the facilities but the rest of my … Read more

Michelle May 8, 2018 answer

Hi Locals I'll visit Milan for a bachelorette and we are looking for 2 places to have brunch on a Saturday and on a … Read more

Vera May 3, 2018 answer

I am visiting Milan in June on a hen party with 6 other ladies, I will be 7 months pregnant at the time and I am lookin… Read more

Michelle April 29, 2018 answer

Hi, could anyone suggest a coffee shop with good coffee and desserts especiay cakes or tiramisu which can sit longer fo… Read more

Ching Ye April 29, 2018 answer

Hello, my girlfriend and I will be staying one day in Milan with afternoon to ourselves (after sightseeing) so we have … Read more

Dragi April 8, 2018 answer

I'd like to visit places and things that are unconventional, unseen, unique, challenging my mind and imagination :)

Vita April 2, 2018 answer

I am going to move to milan with my girlfriend for next spring, and would like to know how is this area like. I found a… Read more

Arttu April 1, 2018 answer

Do shops open on Easter and Easter Monday?

Gizem April 1, 2018 answer

Hi there, Visiting Milan the 18th of April I am looking for great places (bars, squares, shops, event venues) to meet … Read more

Diederik March 27, 2018 answer

Do you now about nice safe party wit dnb music 30.03 or 31.03 in Milan? Thanks!

Yur March 26, 2018 answer

dinner at a small neighborhood restautant would be wonderful, since we will have been traveling from the US, arriving … Read more

Lois March 19, 2018 answer

Hello! Looking for stores in Milan that sell used clothing, such as thrift stores and consignment stores. Preferably no… Read more

Aria March 3, 2018 answer

In 2007, we ate at a wonderful restaurant downtown called L'Ulmet. Do you have any information on it?

Charlotte March 3, 2018 answer

Hi we want to spend the night after the Jovanotti concert on the 19th somewhere in the city. Till our airplane goes bac… Read more

I am travelling from Madrid to Italy. The flight back to Madrid is scheduled at 06.45AM on Monday 2nd April. How can I… Read more

Javier February 10, 2018 answer

Dear people of Milan, I really want to study in your city, but i cant find a school that would fit my education's backg… Read more

Akmal February 2, 2018 answer

I wanna know the musts during the day and night. I'd like to know good and cheap restaurants with Risotto for the lunch… Read more

Joao February 1, 2018 answer

Hi, I'm a Goldsmith who moved to Milan 3 months ago, and I'm wondering where can I find some of the handmade art shop… Read more

Maryam January 31, 2018 answer

Hey! In february I am going to Milan, I am looking for a shop where I can find puffer jacket. One of my favourite shop … Read more

Nutsa January 9, 2018 answer

When will september tickets be available for sale online?

Mei Yen December 30, 2017 answer

Looking for a shop that is a good place to buy gifts and is unique to Milan or Italy (leather, hand made goods, cheap c… Read more

Alyshah December 2, 2017 answer

Hi guys! I need a place for Tuesday evening to celebrate birthday with group of friends. Lookin for some nice place wit… Read more

Nika December 2, 2017 answer

I'm looking for a place to do a one day traveling exhibition, I'm looking for artistic collectives. Rock, music artwork… Read more

Ḳā November 30, 2017 answer

How can I travel from Milan to Varenna? I would prefer the train but I am not able to find tickets which I could pre-bo… Read more

Indranil November 26, 2017 answer

Hello If anybody can help me and tell me which underground station i have to get off at or how to get here from il du… Read more

Stefania November 21, 2017 answer

Hi are there any (free) walking tours you can do whilst in milan ... i did a free one when i last visited but cant reme… Read more

Toni-Anne November 20, 2017 answer

Please recommend budget places for pizza, pasta, beer or a restaurant generally. thank you

John November 20, 2017 answer

How do i get from the city to the hotel milan suite

Emma November 18, 2017 answer

hey guys, i am looking to propose to my girl friend in Milan. I want to organise a flash mob for the same. can someone … Read more

Rahul November 12, 2017 answer

Hello, I will be in Milan with a 9 year old son. Is it possible to do a personalized tour that would be interesting for… Read more

Maria November 8, 2017 answer

We are coming to Milan on the 1st of November. It's Ognissanti, I've heard everything (restaurant and shops and tourist… Read more

Yuan October 29, 2017 answer

I would like to go vintage shopping (men)! Anyone tips?

Gaston October 21, 2017 answer

I will be visiting Milan with my daughter and mother for 3 days. It is for their 21st and 70th birthdays and would love… Read more

tracey October 8, 2017 answer

Any tips on lactose-free eating in Milan, what are the best spots? I was wondering if it’s possible to navigate Italy’s… Read more

olive September 30, 2017 answer

I'd like to know if you have tips on Halloween parties (I'm not much into pure mainstream music, maybe something more l… Read more

olive September 29, 2017 answer

Any suggestions for play areas/parks/ zoo/ any other entertainment options for 2-3 year old kid. thanks!

kabir September 29, 2017 answer

Hey guys! So, I've been looking for a few months now, but still couldn't find anything, so I come to ask you: do you kn… Read more

Mariana September 28, 2017 answer

Visiting Milan for the first time. Please suggest me a romantic, very Italian place where to take my boyfriend for dinn… Read more

Katrin September 10, 2017 answer

I would like to stay in Milan for one night to show my boyfriend the nightlife, which area / hotel is the best to stay … Read more

Garne September 8, 2017 answer

Cheap restaurant that offers the kind of melting the cheese in your pasta, in front of you.

Che September 2, 2017 answer

I'll be here for a couple more days and would really like to eat a good italian ristotto. I'm staying in the city centr… Read more

Gaston August 31, 2017 answer

Any recommendations for good place in Milano to have some aperitivo? Something that isn't to pricey and maybe has nice … Read more

Bartol August 30, 2017 answer

Can someone tell me whether there are any good salsa dance clubs in Milan.. THanks

Subramanian August 25, 2017 answer

Hi locals of Milan .. we are 2 girls staying in Milan for only 2 days we need the best plan to get the full experience … Read more

Viola August 23, 2017 answer

Ciao! What would be the cheapest way to get to Milan from Bergamo airport and what are public transport possibilities… Read more

Milda August 22, 2017 answer

What district should we book our hotel? Navigli ? Brera? We need to have fun and some drinks at night! Maria 29 year… Read more

Maria August 17, 2017 answer

Because it's very hot, we want to go for a swim somewhere. I understand that today almost everything will be closed. Bu… Read more

Marina August 14, 2017 answer

Hey.. anyone know? I cant find the one in navigli

Shinta August 13, 2017 answer

Hello, I am currently visiting Milan and I realised most bars, shops, restaurants outside of the Duomo area are closed … Read more

Marina August 13, 2017 answer

Hi! we will be visiting Milan with a group of 20 women and we are looking for some fun activities, such as wine tasting… Read more

Michelle August 8, 2017 answer

what is the best place to rent a car ? any suggestions or past experience knowledge? or Airport is the common place?

ali August 6, 2017 answer

Average prices, best locations.

Remy July 31, 2017 answer

Where near central near duomo I can have a cheap men haircut? Hairdresser, Barbers? 30EUR max.

Jonathan July 26, 2017 answer

Hi, me and some friends are going to Milan in August and want to pick a place to stay that is in a fun/trendy area of t… Read more

Hi Can anyone tell where to find outlet stores in Milan?!

Wala'a July 22, 2017 answer

Hi Can anyone tell where to find outlet stores in Milan?!

Wala'a July 22, 2017 answer

Hello, i'm searching for an underground party (techno, house...) between the 1st and 8th of August, not in club prefera… Read more

Sam July 22, 2017 answer

Hello Can you suggest me some good restaurants for locals, not tourists, near Via andrea Doria?

Sorin July 15, 2017 answer

Hello and good evening! i'm landing in milan on the 17/07/17 at 14:00. can you please reccomend a reastaurnt that is op… Read more

Or July 13, 2017 answer

Where to eat good lunch/dinner (like risotto or chicken or burgers/panini/pizza) in Milano with small to medium (studen… Read more

First Time there...Is sth. Special to Party at this Time ?, Any dresscode at The Clubs ?

We plan to take a night bus from Zurich to milan. Arrives around 1130pm. Then take a metro to the last stop on red line… Read more

Sookling June 30, 2017 answer

Hey everyone! I live in Milan but I'm not exactly a local since I've moved in only recently, and a friend of mine is co… Read more

Mariana June 28, 2017 answer

Soon I will be in two day visit to Milano so I'm searching for some stores where I can buy water, milk, and other groce… Read more

Can anyone suggest a nice place for us to visit? We will be in milan for 2 days only. July 3-4. Any suggestions for iti… Read more

Mary June 20, 2017 answer

It is necessary for me to pay it or it is optional?

Sofia June 20, 2017 answer

Hello everyone. We are in Milan now and it's so amazing... I love your city! What are some nice markets to visit on th… Read more

Paul June 15, 2017 answer

we have the option to either stay in the Ibis Milano Centro or the Hotel Poliziano Fiera, which is better and which has… Read more

Melanie June 13, 2017 answer

It is our 5th wedding anniversary and we are only in milan for 1 night, where Is a nice restaurant that serves a mixtur… Read more

Melanie June 12, 2017 answer

We wanted to go to Nottingham forest but it is closed on a Monday, is there another bar we could go to?

Melanie June 12, 2017 answer

Hi people from Milan, Visiting your greet city next week for 3 days and looking for nice beachclub/rooftop pool/lake o… Read more

Hi Milanese people! How are you? My wife and i are visiting your city next week and we are excited to try your wonderfu… Read more

Paul June 8, 2017 answer

We are visiting this country and starting with Milan end of this June. What's recommended for a family with a 12y boy … Read more

Jean June 8, 2017 answer

in milan, i believe, there are warehouses with past seasons, clothing, bags, and shoes, form top fashion houses, such … Read more

mandavi June 1, 2017 answer

Hey everyone!! I'd like to know about cool places around Milano that are worth to visit that may be easy to get there b… Read more

Joana May 26, 2017 answer

Guys, I've been living in Milan for a couple of months and I am more of a indie-rock kinda fan. Would you know any club… Read more

Mariana May 18, 2017 answer

Any locals in Milan who speak German and would like to give my friend and me a tour?

Edina May 18, 2017 answer

I guys, I look for nice, local bars or spots that have a bit the ambiance like the east market or Le Biciclette, just n… Read more

hello guys:) we are two girls and we are travelling to Milan from 27 to 30 of May. what are the best places to see? do… Read more

Styliana May 14, 2017 answer

Hello ! We are coming for a bachelorette party and are looking for fun activities not too expensive to enjoy the most o… Read more

Elodie April 30, 2017 answer

Hello me and my mom are visiting Milano this week. But the weather looks very bad. Is there anyone who has any tips for… Read more

Bobbi April 25, 2017 answer

hi i look for agood dane club in milano when local go to . house , hip hop and mainstream music

meir April 23, 2017 answer

hi i look for agood dane club in milano when local go to . house , hip hop and mainstrim music

meir April 13, 2017 answer

On 15.04.2017 there is a derby between inter and ac in serie a. It will be a cool game but the tickets for the stadion … Read more

Ozan April 12, 2017 answer

I don't need really fancy hair cut. Don't wanna spend much on it too. Recommend me some salons

Mitesh April 1, 2017 answer

I will be returning from Nice on 9th April night and will be reaching milano autostazione lampugnano at 0230. My next b… Read more

Praseedh March 31, 2017 answer

Any recommendation for aperitivo place with nice ambiance and drinks?

Anne March 30, 2017 answer

I want to know if there is some cool activity i can "give" my girl-friend for her 24 year old birthday. It must cost ab… Read more

Charlotte March 27, 2017 answer

I would like to buy a banquet made of chocolate. Is there any recommendations as where to get it?

X March 24, 2017 answer

We are a 24&26 year old couple, staying in Milan. What would be the best thing to do on a Saturday evening? Are there a… Read more

Courtney March 19, 2017 answer

I am so hopeless :( I still couldn't find cheap accomod. in Milan. I will be in Milan with my friend from 2. April … Read more

Barbara March 17, 2017 answer

I will be in Munich for March 17th-19th, with a group of 14 people

Griffin March 15, 2017 answer

My dearest local people, I would like to stay in this hostel with my friend. Do you have any experience or feedba… Read more

Barbara March 15, 2017 answer

And i need all contact details of those restaurant

Atif March 12, 2017 answer

Hi, i am visiting Milano at the end of the month. 31st of March. Is there any Salsa, Kizomba or Latin Dance party going… Read more

Patrick March 7, 2017 answer

Would be great to know tips about baby acrobatics, swimming or fitness trainings.

Taavi February 28, 2017 answer

Greetings from Finland! My partner and I will be visiting Milan (and Italy!) for the first time during Easter (17.-… Read more

Tiia February 24, 2017 answer

Hi Locals help! I want to go out with a business friend in Milan on the night of Sunday the 26th February we will both… Read more

Hilaire February 21, 2017 answer

I will be here next week Saturday for a week and I would love to know what's really nice to do here? I would really lov… Read more

Lawrence February 19, 2017 answer

My dearest local people, I am going to travel to Milan with my friend on 2. April until 5. April. First of all we wil… Read more

Barbara February 12, 2017 answer

Dear Locals, I will go to Milan with my BF on the 6th of February. It will be our first time in the city and we only ha… Read more

Szabina January 31, 2017 answer

MILAN Trip To Milan in the beginning of March (06-11) Dear locals 🤗 I alone am planning to visit Milano in march… Read more

Vinay January 13, 2017 answer

Hi - My partner & I will be coming to Milano on 11th March and we are looking for a private guide to take us around all… Read more

Luka December 25, 2016 answer

Hi there, I have a few film that i'd like to developpe, do you know how much will it cost ? Thanks in advance :)

Samantha December 23, 2016 answer

Dear locals 🤗 Four Georgian girls (including Me) are planning to visit Milano in February (01-05); We would like to… Read more

Keti December 20, 2016 answer

Hi, guys, I will be in Milan for 3 days around Christmas. I know there are many touristic and fancy places to eat but I… Read more

Iliyana December 16, 2016 answer

I am looking for the best place for a young couple to go out and eat. I was thinking about a good place by the water wi… Read more

Thomas December 8, 2016 answer

I have a tradition to buy a book for my 4y daughter everywhere I travel. So I'm looking for a bookstore with a big sele… Read more

Aistė October 29, 2016 answer

Hi! We are planning our trip from Milan to La Spezia to see Cinque Terre. Have anyone bin there? What is the best way t… Read more

Aistė October 28, 2016 answer

Attending conference at Polytech — what are the best paces in the Città Studi district?

Christopher September 29, 2016 answer

it would really, really help if you could also give the directions to the hiking spots. Thank you!

Priya September 9, 2016 answer

daily routine, food, language, weather, geography, traditions, stereotypes etc.

Liz September 2, 2016 answer

My girlfriend and I have a long night connection in Milan on our way to Olbia. We land Tuesday at 21:00 and our next fl… Read more

Guy August 19, 2016 answer

I am a scientist researching global climate change who is traveling to the mountains in northern Italy tomorrow. I jus… Read more

Melanie August 2, 2016 answer

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