Cover image of this place San Bernardino alle Ossa

A scary chapel in the city center!

San Bernardino alle Ossa

Why locals love it

It's hard to find a chapel all covered in skulls and bones, and it's even more rare to live in a city with such a chapel! Milanese people are proud of this small church, we like to think that this one was the first one in the world, then copied by some others around Europe.


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Why you should visit it

With a short detour from the city center you can find this small chapel where you can experience a great horror atmosphere! The walls are covered with centuries-old skulls and bones from the close former hospital: try not to be scared, you'll feel like they're all looking at you!

Special tip

Try to talk with the smallest skull under the altar: it may... reply!!

San Bernardino alle Ossa
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