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Hi, we're coming for a weekend to Minsk and we would like to use Uber so Internet will be necessary. I was reading di... Read more

Hello, I need to organise a bachelor party for my friend in Minsk in May. Would any of you give me any useful tips... Read more

Riccardo March 1, 2019 answer

Hello all, I will have to spend some days in Minsk for business issues. Always interested in finding out more abo... Read more

Michael December 5, 2018 answer

Hello All, I will be in minsk next week with a friend for a week. May I kindly ask you to join us enjoying the city?

Levent August 14, 2018 answer

Can anyone help me to find a good tattoo artist and some great clubs and bars plz :)

rawad May 10, 2018 answer

When I visit Minsk, I want to buy and bring home some of that smoked string cheese. It will take about 18 hours from ... Read more

Michael March 12, 2018 answer

Hi, I’m visiting Minsk for a few days in December. What would you recommend to see in the city and on the outskirts... Read more

luk December 19, 2017 answer

Hi , I am male travelling to Minsk 22/11 / 17 to 25 / 11 / 17 . I am looking for " local casual guide " who can sho... Read more

Mohan November 21, 2017 answer

Hey guys, I am a poor volunteer from Germany :D and I am looking for a gym near city centre with affordable prices.a... Read more

Clara November 5, 2017 answer

Hay to all, I will be in minsk from 23/11-28/11 and I look for good clubs bars to go in the weekend, Thursday Friday ... Read more

Yehuda October 23, 2017 answer

Hey Guys, I am new in the city and i am looking for a nice and not so expensive yoga/pilates place. Do you have any s... Read more

Clara October 22, 2017 answer

Hello. From tomorrow on, I will be in Minsk for ten days. I am coming alone. Would anybody assist me to get the ropes... Read more

Serhat October 18, 2017 answer

We are middle age guys and are coming to Minsk for few days. We are looking forward to test the typical Belarussion... Read more

ersin August 27, 2017 answer

Dear girls, can you kindly advise a splendid professional for an eye-brow correction in Minsk. We all know that Bel... Read more

Iness August 9, 2017 answer

Dear all, how do I find a local to accompany myself in Minsk for a couple of hours.

Iness August 9, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm in Minsk now for a few days, and would like to ask where the best places are for an early breakfast, about 08... Read more

Richard July 6, 2017 answer

I will be on internship in Minsk in September and i am gonna record vlogs. Can you tell me more about Minsk hiphop cu... Read more

Konrad July 2, 2017 answer

I am looking for local bars, reasonably priced beers and local drinks. So not the shiny, and trendy ones in the cente... Read more

Joeri June 23, 2017 answer

Hello. I will be traveling to Minsk June 14-17. My group is looking for a local, female guide to help us make reserv... Read more

Nikolaus May 25, 2017 answer

Big or small groups. Thank you, best from Tone

We are 2 traveller have only one day Need a young guide to show us tge best part of the city, shopping special souven... Read more

dim May 8, 2017 answer

Hey, will be in Minsk this Tuesday and Wednesday, where is a good area to stay or hotel. Would really appreciate feed... Read more

Jaime May 7, 2017 answer

We are a party of +/- 18 person Looking for a pro guide or two in Minsk nightlife and crazy parties! After all its a... Read more

Hi, I am coming to Minsk on 6th of june and will stay till 8th. It will be first time for me in this town and in new ... Read more

Greeting ! We gone spend two weeks soon in Minsk, and as we gone be with our one year old son, i'm looking for very g... Read more

Ori April 25, 2017 answer

Hi everyone, I´ll be traveling for a weekend in Minsk on the Easter weekend (14-16.4) and I wondered if the every... Read more

Mike April 7, 2017 answer

Hey folks, how is everyone doing ? I'm pretty new here, first I would like to thanks for all the awesome informat... Read more

Rodrigo April 5, 2017 answer

Hi everybody, I am arranging a bachelor party in Minsk the first weekend of June for 20 fun loving Swedish guys and w... Read more

Martin April 3, 2017 answer

Is there any bars playing heavy techno styles, or just a place known to be used by young people to drink/party? I hea... Read more

Elliot March 27, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I'll arrive today and I ll remain a couple of months. I'd like to meet new friends and visit many new place... Read more

Vincenzo March 18, 2017 answer

Hello! I'll probably come to Mink this summer and would like to know if there are asian (for vietnamese, thai... fo... Read more

Stephanie March 6, 2017 answer

Hey guys! We are Giada (20) from Italy and Gawain (23) from Germany and we're in Minsk for this weekend until Sunday ... Read more

Gawain February 16, 2017 answer

Hi there I'm an 31 year old Australian (who speaks Russian) and visiting Minsk for just the day tomorrow (16 Feb).... Read more

Serge February 15, 2017 answer

Hello locals! I'm from Toronto and will be dropping into Minsk in 3 weeks to feel the local scene, catch some unlikel... Read more

RJ February 2, 2017 answer

Hello, We are three of us coming to your city in march and we are used to ask students to make us a visit of the cit... Read more

Pierre January 16, 2017 answer

Hi ! Looking for the best the city has to offer, in interesting restaurants of all types with prefference of course f... Read more

Of January 12, 2017 answer

Hello, 4 Lithuanian are coming to Minsk to celebrate New Year. What interesting places would you suggest? We pre... Read more

Monika November 26, 2016 answer

So I will be visiting colleagues in the city. It's my first time seeing Minsk. What would you consider the must s... Read more

Israel November 12, 2016 answer

Which shops/boutiques are the best to buy good quality scented candles or home fragrance (reeds)?

Tomas August 26, 2016 answer

Moving to Minsk and want to locate within walking distance to restaurants and bars.

Jerry August 13, 2016 answer

Hello. I am in Minsk for a few days do you know where I can find a printed version of the likealocal map in the cen... Read more

Pierre August 13, 2016 answer

I am taking a group of about 20 young people (ages 18-27) to Minsk for a weekend in October and we'd like to have din... Read more

Ülane July 5, 2016 answer

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