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minsk with a 2 yeas old child

By Traveller July 21, 2019

minsk with a 2 yeas old child

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By Roni Traveller July 21, 2019

any recommendations for things to do?
is it comfortable to go on the metro\train with a baby stroller?

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There is no problem with Your child, he will be in safety as You are as father.
And we have many parks, caffee, and even bars where You can get rest with little)

So and other people in Belarus, balarussians love kids)
Local July 21, 2019
A good city, on the streets there are almost always quite a few people, often in the subway it happens. With children you will be comfortable in Minsk. You can go to the amusement park with your whole family, we have three of them, you can take a walk in the center (Nemiga Street), visit the Trinity Suburb - a beautiful place.
You can visit some beauty salon, for example, go to a spa, consult a massage therapist. In the middle of a long and tiring trip, you can put yourself in order and order a stylist at your hotel here https://redsale.by/krasota/stylists
However, I do not recommend you go far from the city center, there is nothing to look at, to be honest. But yes, I repeat, with a child you will be comfortable in this city.
Local September 13, 2019