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Minsk foodie spots :-)

By Traveller January 12, 2017

Minsk foodie spots :-)

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By Of Traveller January 12, 2017

Hi ! Looking for the best the city has to offer, in interesting restaurants of all types with prefference of course for the local cuisine (simple places to more modern), interesting markets and speciallity stores to find farmers local produce, pastry, chocolate, desserts and ice cream shops to try, thanks for every tip and direction :-)

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Have a look at MeetnGreetMe guide on Minsk cafes and restaurants that was written just a week ago ;)
Local February 3, 2017
Thank you very much :-) If you had to pick in Minsk the one favorite of yours in the traditional Belarusian food category, regardless of price range, what would it be ? And any tips on foodie "take back home items" would be great, have eaten in the past fantastic Balic and smoked fish presents from markets, also surprisingly good quality dark chocolate and very nice zephyr i think it is called, so will be glad to get thoughts and specific "brand names" on interesting items :-)
Of Traveller February 3, 2017
There is an absolutely great place called Дедова Корчма (Dedova Korchma) http://dkorchma.by/contact located outside the city, but it definitely merits a visit.
As for souvenirs from Belarus, there is another article on MeetnGreetMe blog, haha ;) https://meetngreetme.com/blog/best-traditional-souvenirs-from-minsk-belarus/
Great chocolate is Спартак (Spartak) and Коммунарка (Kommunarka). For me the best zephyr is from Bobruisk city in Belarus and you can also buy cranberry in sugar as a souvenir :)
Some buy alcohol from Belarus, choose between Krambambula and Zubrowka - these are traditional alcohol drinks
Katya Local February 3, 2017
Thanks a lot to both of you for this great info :-) We gone be in Belarus towards spring so it should be good time to sample interesting things, i hope.. Almost didn't find any english references for Belarus till now, so your help is very much appriciated and we are really looking forward for this trip :-)
Btw we gone be also for some days at Mogilev, as my wife's roots are from there, so any info also on this city would be great ! Thanks again..
Traveller January 13, 2017
Yep, I agree with the previous answer.

As for me, I can recommend my favourite spots:

Lido - for some cool substantial home-like (jn a Belarusian way) dinner or lunch, reasonable prices (https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/lido).

Stolle - for some pies (you can take it away or enjoy it inside with a cup of tea). https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/stolle

Vasilki - for local traditional dishes like draniki, soups, pancakes, salads, a variety of potato with meat dishes (http://www.vasilki.by/). Our national dish is draniki (potato pancakes). Don't miss it! And take some sour cream ("smetana") with it. It's a must! :)

Lakomka - a shop of Belarusian (mostly) sweet things: chocolates, marmelade, cookies, marshmallow and a lot more. I adore it! (https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/lakomka).

Komarovka Market - the biggest and the best food market in Minsk. Must visit. https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/komarovka-market. It is closed on Monday. I recommend to try some local cottage cheese (we call it "tvorog" in Russian), some cheese (I mean common yellow cheese), meat products (if you like it), local bread, some dried fruits and nuts, spicies, probably some fresh vegetables and fruit (but now it is winter, so it will be difficult to find something local, but if you plan to visit Minsk in spring-summer-autumn I definitely recommend to try some local berries, fruit, vegetables and greenery).

Have a good time in Minsk!
Local Guru January 13, 2017
Well, these guys have done a great job:
https://34travel.me/post/minsk - the most updated version (in Russian, but god bless google trabslate)
https://34travel.me/post/minsk-english-guide - in English, not updated, but most places are still relevant
Enjoy Minsk!
Local January 12, 2017