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where to go for techno/industrial techno?

By Traveller March 27, 2017

where to go for techno/industrial techno?

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By Elliot Traveller March 27, 2017

Is there any bars playing heavy techno styles, or just a place known to be used by young people to drink/party? I heard about something at the "Akademia Navuk" metro station. Thanks

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Hi, Elliot. It's really hard to find HEAVY techno parties in Minsk, most of them are rare closed non-commercial parties. That because my answer is - NOWHERE. Most of bars and clubs are pop and commercial (very often russian music is playing)... Of course, you can find a lot of common bars with deep- and tech-house music (for example on Zybitskaya str, in heart of Minsk), but this is not heavy and not industrial and very often commercial also ))) By the way it's strictly forbidden to take any (even light) drugs in Minsk, you risk to come TO JAIL and spend there MANY unforgettable years. Welcome to Belarus. Have a nice jouney!
Local March 28, 2017
U can find techno-party in:
Hooligan bar, Bar DK, Mechta party, Korpus8, and sometime in Brugge bar.
Local March 27, 2017
ok 16 the one of the best techno/industrial club, but you sould monitor that type of evens on their website http://ok16.by/
Traveller February 23, 2019
They have good parties, also techno and whatnot. The place is artsy - remastered factory loft in the city center https://www.facebook.com/verh.place/
Local April 4, 2017