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Minsk mid May, best sushi, pizza, ice cream and.. music instrument shops ? :-)

By Traveller April 25, 2017

Minsk mid May, best sushi, pizza, ice cream and.. music instrument shops ? :-)

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By Ori Traveller April 25, 2017

Greeting ! We gone spend two weeks soon in Minsk, and as we gone be with our one year old son, i'm looking for very good delivery/take away options for the evenings.
I did some homework and marked prosushi as an option, looking for the best quality of fish/vegi and not deep fried "rice bombs" with sweet sauce :-) Another place to consider for it, like fusion sushi ? And how is tokiny for delivery (and sushi) vs for instance Mai Thai, for good asian fare ? All good places ? :-)

Same for good Italian, Pizza and in general, i marked La Scala as take away option.. Something else t consider of high quality ?

And any good ice cream places that are "small and personal" and do their product natural and from scratch, more or less ?

Oh and would like to try one evening a really special place, but something that will be both very delicious and interesting, marked Expidicia as the target, good option ?

And finally :-) Interesting places to try some acoustic guitars and maybe find a gem ? Are the available brands and prices might be attractive for testing ?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the long list here :-)

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I was talking about a musical instruments shop.
Local April 25, 2017
There is wide choice and the best prices on ul. Very Horuzhey 1a, Minsk "TC Siluet" (ул. Веры Хоружей 1a, Минск ТЦ Силуэт) on 0 floor (you have to go downstairs to get there).
Local April 25, 2017
Hello Ori and welcome to Minsk. Let me try to give you some short suggestions about food, hope they will be useful for you.
I have recently ordered from sushivesla.by - the delivery was quick and the food delicious, evrything was packed nicely.
Such famous Italian restaurant as Il Patio (ilpatio.by) has pizza delivery.
For a "special place" I might recommend you Rakauski Brovar (brovar.by). The interiors are decorated with hunting tropheys, paintings and wood. The national cuisine there is worth trying! Also, the restaurant is situated in former Jewish neighbourhood.
Have a good stay!
Local Expert April 25, 2017