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A good down-to-earth place to eat in Minsk?

By Traveller July 5, 2016

A good down-to-earth place to eat in Minsk?

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By Ülane Traveller July 5, 2016

I am taking a group of about 20 young people (ages 18-27) to Minsk for a weekend in October and we'd like to have dinner together with the whole group at least once. Looking for a nice restaurant that wouldn't be too fancy (not a white table cloth kind of a place) but with good food and varied enough of a menu that people with different tastes would all find something.

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Hi, Ülane! Nice to hear that you are planning to visit Minsk.

If you want simply to eat well, I'd recommend "Lido". https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/lido. By the way, there is a bigger one at Kulman, 5A. Official web page: http://www.lido.by/. But you won't be able to sit and take your time to chat there.

If you'd like to eat and chat, try cafe "Garage" - http://www.cafegarage.by/. It's a chain. So you can look through the variants in the "interior" section and choose a better oprion (I guess the tables are for 6-8 people there).

"Lisiya Nara" is a good choice. https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/lisia-nara.

"Loft" is also a good place. https://likealocalguide.com/minsk/loft.

But I strongly recommend you to book tables in advance if you want to sit together. I guess "Lisiya Nara" and "Loft" can put several tables together to locate a big company.

By the way, if you need a local guide, I'll be glad to offer my help. :)
Hope, this time we'll manage to meet.

Have a nice day!
If have any other questions, you are welcome.

Best wishes,
Local Guru July 8, 2016
Hey Veranika, we should definitely meet :) Why do Belorusians like chains? :D Are Loft and Lisiya Nara places that are not chains? :)
Hi, Ulane!
I would recommend the restaurant called Vasilki. There are many of them in the city. The price is good, located in many places+ fast service and menu has pictures. https://www.vasilki.by/
I hope you will like our Minsk.
Local October 9, 2019
It's definitely LIDO (Kulman str. 5a / 9.00-21.00 = i prefer this one) or LIDO (Nezavisimosti ave., 49 / 8.00 - 23.00). It's a great and very popular place with belarusian food and self-service like restaurant-bistro. Both are central located, very close to eachother. Huge (!!!) assortment of belarusian (and not only) meals, cozy belarusian design and great atmosphere. There are always a lot of locals and tourists too. Non-smoking! Prices are pretty nice. It's also my (and my girlfriend's) favourite place to eat in Minsk, because of cozy atmosphere, central location and very tasteful food for available price! Ask me, if you wanna me to come with your group and show you this place )))
Local April 18, 2017
Hi, Ülane!
I'm totally agree with Katerina:
http://www.mestoproedu.by - Great food!

http://teplo.relax.by - Nice home atmosphere, good food, but far from the city center. Place to eat.

http://royal-oak-pub.relax.by - pub food and atmosphere

Also, you can try
http://feelini.relax.by/ It's a good chatting place in 2 steps of the party center
Malt & Hops:
http://malt-hops-pab.relax.by/ Pub in the party center
Clever Irish Pub:
http://clever-irishpub.relax.by/ Great pub with life music!

Anyway, if you are going to continue to hang out after the dinner, I advise you to stay somewhere near metro station Kupalauskaja, str. Zybickaja

Local July 10, 2016
The places you advice ARE NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE "DOWN TO EARTH"!!! They are EXPENSIVE TOO MUCH! I think, LIDO is the best choice for this case. I always show this place to my guests and tourists and everybody like it too much and want to visit again )
Contact to Julia https://meetngreetme.com/profile/56ea90e65d48543a5627db08 she can show you the best restaurant in Minsk and provide nightlife hot spots guiding.
Local July 6, 2016
+ center
+ good food
+ varied enough
- table cloth
Local July 5, 2016
I agree with Ekaterina fully! This is the best one place for a big company with good choices of food and drinks - it's not just to eat, but also to dance, so expect a little noise. You can also have a look at Cafe Netto, but they can ask for a prepaid deposit.
Local July 5, 2016
Ekaterina mentions 4 places, which one do you fully agree with? :D
Dear Ulane, I can recommend you Restaurant Brewery Friends (Kulman st., 40), Mesto pro edu (Oktyabrskaya St., 5a), Sprava Cafe (prospekt Masherova, 25), Cafe Atelier (Melnikaite St., 4).
Local July 5, 2016