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Party Guide in Minsk?

By Traveller May 25, 2017

Party Guide in Minsk?

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By Nikolaus Traveller May 25, 2017

Hello. I will be traveling to Minsk June 14-17. My group is looking for a local, female guide to help us make reservations and accompany us to the best clubs. We used a similar service in Belgrade recently,, with great results. I tried to contact but am getting no response. Does anyone know if this service exists in Minsk? Thank you!

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Thank you for your reply. If Minsk Night Life no longer exists, are there other people that provide this service in Minsk?
Traveller May 25, 2017
You can ask locals on this website or
I think this service doesnt exist
Local May 25, 2017
Reply doesn't work no more
Local May 25, 2017