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Hip Hop culture in Minsk?

By Traveller July 2, 2017

Hip Hop culture in Minsk?

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By Konrad Traveller July 2, 2017

I will be on internship in Minsk in September and i am gonna record vlogs. Can you tell me more about Minsk hiphop culture like graffities, bboys, rap, streetwear maybe skate culture? Or maybe you can tell me where can i find information about thing like that. :)

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I knew nothing about hip hop of minsk, but here is a big article on the topic (https://34mag.net/post/rap-crew-golas-menskikh-vulic). There you can probably find useful info or atleast contcats of people who can introduce you to this world. Here (https://vk.com/rapcrewminsk) you can contact the heroes of the article directly.
Local July 2, 2017
Thanks a lot
Hi Konrad
You can ask our MeetnGreetMe locals
Local July 9, 2017