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3 American guys looking for guide

By Traveller August 4, 2017

3 American guys looking for guide

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By Scott Traveller August 4, 2017

Arriving today

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Hi Berenice , thanks a lot for your help and concern, is it allowed to write my e-msil here?
Traveller August 31, 2017
If you are in the city center now i can share with you my experience so far over a drink :)
Local August 8, 2017
Would have gladly guided you if I wasn't away that day :-( Try googling a guide, or turn to an agency in case you don't find anyone.
Local Expert August 5, 2017
Hi Berenice, i hope you are fine, im thinking visiting Minsk and im sure i need your help to guide me during my visit, if you are welling to do so , please let me know so i can arrange my trip
Ali Traveller August 30, 2017
Ali, I will send a message to your inbox.