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Any locals to show me around?

By Traveller October 18, 2017

Any locals to show me around?

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By Serhat Traveller October 18, 2017

Hello. From tomorrow on, I will be in Minsk for ten days. I am coming alone. Would anybody assist me to get the ropes of the city? I also look forward to pub suggestion to try local beers. Thanks in advance.

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Hey, Serhat! There is a system issue that does not allow me replying messages. Could you give me your phone number (I can see your messages but can't send my reply)?
Local Expert October 19, 2017
Would love to show you around!
Local Expert October 19, 2017
Thank you Berenice! Sent you a message.
Hey! Welcome to our colorful autumn city :)
About pubs: best choices would be:
- 1067 - there are 2 of them in the city, with pretty low prices and good choice of local beer. They also make awesome burgers and some unusual dishes like bull testicles
- Craftman - long list of beers, local as well. And few other pubs around if you won't like this one
Local October 18, 2017
Dear Alaksandr, thank you for the message. Arrived today, I am already loving it:) I will definetely try both of the bars, thank you again.
Hope you'll like it :)
Have a good time, man
Alaksandr Local October 19, 2017
I am at 1067 now, having Svyturys beer. It's pretty nice place. You just hit the spot. Cheers :)