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2 hours Minsk tour
Natasha was very friendly, and we walked around Minsk for a couple of hours. The walk was a nice slice of the city, though personally I would have expected more city knowledge and context around the areas we were walking through. As a friendly walk it was great, but I would hope for more e.g. history and information for €40.
Natasha B - 199287, in Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Kristina was a fantastic guide. Very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions we asked. The tour was set at a relaxing pace. We even had time for Kristina to recite some poetry in Belarusian language. Our tour consisted of part walking and part by car. We covered very much of the city in our 3 hours and learnt many facts about the history of a very beautiful city.
Minsk City Tour with a Certified Local Guide
A charming helpful considerate guide
Natasha exceeded our expectations in all respects. In 3 hours we got a great overview of the city (and its quite an amazing place) plus many useful local tips. Minsk is not a huge tourist destination so this tour realky helped us get a handle on the city and greatly increased our enjoyment of our brief 2 day stay. I would strongly recommend tje whole concept and in partucular Natasha.
Natasha B - 199287, in Minsk, Belarus
Natasha was a great guide
Absolutely great experience. Natasha showed us around the city and took to interesting places we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. She’s a very friendly person and communication was great all the way through. I would recommend Natasha as a guide to anybody visiting Minsk. Thanks again :)
Natasha B - 199287, in Minsk, Belarus
Great company and insights to Minsk
I loved the casual city tour by Julian She was the sunshine on a rainy day. It felt like a friend showing you the city. Many thanks and highly recommendation.
Julia P - 166633, in Minsk, Belarus
Nice Insight to Minsk
Met my tour guide (Kristina) at my hotel. She drove me around and showed me all the key sights in Minsk and explained its history in great detail. We stopped at several locations and walked around to get better views. All in all it was well worth it. I would not have been able to figure all this out on my own. She recommended I try the potato pancakes which I did, twice in fact. They were very good! I would recommend this tour to others who come to Minsk.
Minsk City Tour with a Certified Local Guide

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