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Private tour to "Iron" Felix Dzerzhinsky Museum


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Felix Dzerzhinsky was a Bolshevik revolutionary and official, first Soviet secret service founder.
During our tour you will know history of Felix Dzerzhinskiy and its family, look at personal things (table, where he worked, personal briefcase, umbrella), gifts and souvenirs from foreign visitors.

Duration: 4.3 hours
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Tour by Alex

Hi guys! My name is Alex. I am professional diplomat, finished Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), Faculty of International Relations. I live in Belarus, and love my country. Travelling is my hobby, i visited many interesting places around the world and now i want to help tourists enjoy Belarus, including its former secret, unknown places. For example, only here, in Belarus guests can see secret Soviet command center, and have a tour inside it. My English is fluent.
Also I can make for you exclusive tour from visiting another secret Soviet bases (former nuclear warheads silo etc) to Minsk sightseeing tour with fantastic Lincoln Continental Mark V convertible or authentic Soviet\russian generals car GAZ 3102 "VOLGA". Feel free to contact me with any questions, additional photos and so on...

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  • See "Iron" Felix Dzerzhinsky museum-estate birth place.
  • Enjoy fantastic forest and nature near Dzerhzinovo
  • Touch the history of the real Soviet legend "Knight of revolution" "Iron" Felix.

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Felix Dzerzhinsky was was a Bolshevik revolutionary and official, he led the first two Soviet state-security organizations, the Cheka (later KGB) and the OGPU, establishing a secret police for the post-revolutionary Soviet government.

Besides his leadership of the Cheka, Dzerhinsky also took on a number of other roles; he led the fight against typhus in 1918, was chair of the Commissariat for Internal Affairs from 1919 to 1923, initiated a vast orphanage construction program, initiated the fight against illiteracy, chaired the Transport Commissariat, organised the embalming of Lenin's body in 1924 and chaired the Society of Friends of Soviet Cinema.

In 2005, the Government of Belarus rebuilt the manor house of Dzerzhinovo, where Dzerzhinsky was born, and renovated museum. Annually, the graduating class of the KGB academy of the Republic of Belarus holds its swearing - in at the estate.

On our way one can enjoy beautiful Belorussian fields and forests, 2 catholic churches, and usual hinterland life.
Duration of the tour: about 4h 30m.
Drive to Dzerzhinovo 1h30m
Excursion 1h30m
Drive back to Minsk 1h30m

Tour is private, so you can stay in Dzerzhinovo for extra time.
Feel free to ask any questions!

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