The best beaches near Montevideo or Uruguay

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By Kalev Traveller January 1, 2018

Coming to Uruguay for a short trip from Buenos Aires and was thinking to visit a nice beach town. Which one would you suggest? Looking for something less party and more relax-chill place.

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4 answers

hi! One nice beach here is Pocitos. I recommend you because is near everything, you can easily get to, And is a good, safe neigborhood. Besides, at this time of the year, a lot of people are on holiday and the city cecomes quiet. Another good option, a bit farer is Playa Honda, my favorite, I´d like to help you more. Ask me all as you want
Ana Local January 7, 2018
Here are some links that should help:
I enjoyed Punte del Este, but it is a popular tourist attraction so could be crowded
Fetchin Local January 4, 2018
Hi. during January the beaches are crowded. Some kilometers before to Punta del Este (the most renowned beaches), you can fin good options at Solis, Punta Colorada. Also 1 hour away from Montevideo, you can go to
Costa de Oro. Costa de Oro is a coastal section of Uruguay which is about 45 kilometers long and extends along several resorts and beaches. Mostly, Costa de Oro is visited by local tourists, but beaches like Costa Azul and La Floresta are popular places by foreign tourist too. All of them are highly recommendable, but the most beautiful ones are Neptunia, with its white and wide sandbanks and Jaureguiberry, which leads into a creek. La Floresta, Las Toscas, Parque del Plata,. I suggest reading:
Edu Local January 1, 2018
Thanks. I already read that article as well but decided to ask also, you never know who puts together these articles and how good they actually are.
Define "near"
Pedro Local January 1, 2018
maybe 30min drive from the center.
As i understand the nice beaches are about 1h away. But are there also ok beaches at Montevideo itself?
Iif you want quiet places is in the west, Kiyu for example. The water its not great but de landscapes are. To the east (closer to the ocean) I recomend you Guazubira viejo. its quiet and no to full of people.
Pedro Local January 1, 2018
Thanks. I'll check these out