Dancing in Gorky Park?

By Traveller May 29, 2019

Dancing in Gorky Park?

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By Kathryn Traveller May 29, 2019

I heard there is a dance platform in Gorky Park. What kind of dance? Days, time, any websites you can direct me to?

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Location: between ul. Krymskiy Val, 9 (River Lounge) and the Andreevskiy bridge.
When: every day
What: hustle and salsa open-air (you can find by name on the google map) + historical dance and swing dances sometimes.
Local May 29, 2019
Hello, there is a shedule, but it is last year news:

And what i know exactly: If the weather is fine you can dance lindi hop every friday from 19-30 till 23-00 and boogie every sunday probably from 18-00 till 23-00 here on the wooden dancefloor:
More information: https://m.facebook.com/groups/swingdanc.ru/
Also you can dance many other styles like latina, salsa, historical on the squares on promenade here in the evening, just go:
And also on wooden dancefloor, which i mentioned, at other days.
Local May 29, 2019
tuesday 6 p.m, suterday 4 p.m Ball dancing
Local June 17, 2019
When I was there they danced rockandroll. It was fun. Easy and relaxed thing. Evening.
Local May 29, 2019