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By Mart Traveller January 3, 2017

I'm looking to buy some out-of-production porcelain statues made by LFZ. I think there should be some in antique shops and markets in Moscow. What would be the best places to look?

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2 answers

Moscow is not famous for its antique shops and markets, especially in comparison with St Petersbourg. Anyway you can check Izmaylovo market. Anyway, now almost all antique selling is moved to internet. As for me, the best is to check web-sites like
Andrey Local January 4, 2017
Hey Mart,

So I truly knew nothing about those porcelain statues or LFZ but I looked up the company and found out it has such an interesting history. The figures do look familiar but I can't guarantee a spot to find them.

However I can give you some very good places to look.

I used to live one metro stop awake from Izmailovsky Market, it is in the west end of Moscow on the dark blue line. This Market is open daily 10am-6pm I believe. They have a mix of vintage and found items, soviet memorabilia, and all that jazz as well as fur hats, matryoshka and other souvenir items. But it is easy to get to and definitely worth a look.

Another really good one I used to go to from time to time was Bloshiny Rynok, ( which basically just means flea market, but they organize an event every few months. I used to go with a friend of mine, you'll have to map out how to get there, it is out of central Moscow though.

The same friend suggested Novopodrezkovo Flea Market, I have never been there, but she said it is where the locals go, and she is a born and raised Muscovite so I have faith in her. This one is also out of the centre a bit but you can take a train from Moscow to Novopodrezkovo station really easily.

I will looking up the markets to figure where the last two were on the map and I found a nice blog post that may help you as well. I will attach it here.

Happy Hunting!
Mackenzie Local January 6, 2017