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Must do!
Nick was a great guide. He provided lots of information. The Metro itself is absolutely stunning! The microphone the guide uses is very convenient because the trains are very loud.
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
Excellent experience
The company and in particular Maxim our guide were excellent. Maxim was on time and exceedingly knowledgeable of the Kremlin. He efficiently got us through the system and the crowds. Providing a good commentary along the way. Highly helpful introduction to the complex.

Moscow Kremlin Skip-the-Line Small-Group Tour
Not your typical metro stations at all
Truly enjoyed our tour with Nick on Sunday, June 24th seeing the best of the best of the metro stations. We had a great group, small and interactive, and everyone very friendly. Nick has a knack for language and has done an excellent job perfecting his English and Spanish (along with other languages) and his work has paid off as he is extremely easy and fun to interact with. Above all he is very interesting to listen to and was able to speak to us while we took pictures (which everyone appreciated). For certain stations he used pictures to show before and after as well as explaining what was going on at the time they were built and other cultural influences. Great job and tips are a great way to show your appreciation. We have booked many walking tours before through travel books and city websites but this is the first through TripAdvisor and I have to say I was very pleased with the tour and the company. Great job! I had to pick one category but this is perfect for many including individuals, families, company field trips, history buffs, travel enthusiasts, etc, etc, etc.
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
A must do tour when in Moscow
This tour is a great tour to do of what is undoubtedly the most beautiful metro system in Europe. The tour showcasing the best stations is well planned. Our tour guide Elena was absolutely amazing. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and funny. she made the tour a pleasure. I highly recommend this tour when in Moscow
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
Wowed by the meaning and history everywhere
Metro stations in Moscow are not just for riding trains. They're full of history, legends, artwork, a museum in their own right.
Our guide was very knowledgable, was extremely well-prepared with the content of the tour and shared great stories and histories of all the places we went to.
Fully recommend a tour with them. Keep up the good work guys!
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
Fascinating tour!
Our guide was great. Made the tour very enjoyable by walking us through several stunning metro stations. These are not just metro stations, these are living pieces of history. A perfect evening activity to get acquainted with the metro while getting to know a very important piece of Russia's history.
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
Moscow Metro Tour
The Moscow Metro Tour was a huge eye opener - so much to see. The tour was very well run considering that we were on the metro with thousands of other people. Nik, our guide was fun, friendly and shared the information with us in a great way. It is a must do!
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
I loved this tour!
Our guide Marina was extremely personable and was able to share some interesting anecdotes about living in soviet russia. The tour was very informative and wasn't too taxing, the walking helped us stay warm in sub-zero Moscow. One of the most fascinating stories was how the government modernised the city centre in the 30s without destroying any buildings - they cut their foundations and moved whole buildings on rails, with the people still inside, to allow the creation of the wide boulevards and roads in the city today. If you're curious about early soviet history, I'd definitely recommend this tour.
Tour of Communist Moscow
Highly recommended
A very interesting tour of Moscow's different periods of time, starting from the transition from Tsarist rule to the Soviet regime and until the present days of capitalism. The tour emphasizes the contrasts, sometimes absurd, of the use of certain areas and buildings in central Moscow, throughout different times. What makes the tour particularly fascinating was the passion of our sharp and delightful guide, Irina, to her hometown and her sharing of her and her family's personal experiences in the extreme changing realities of life in Moscow. The tour is highly recommended for anyone visiting Moscow!
Tour of Communist Moscow
Incredible and insightful
Although there was confusion originally with the tour’s starting time, it turned out to be incredible. It ran slightly over the time allotted however this was of no bother or concern for the group who felt incredibly included and valued. It covered many interesting aspects of Moscow and I would highly reccomend it to anyone else.
Tour of Communist Moscow
A great way to learn a lot about this amazing city
We loved this tour. We enjoyed being told about the recent history of Moscow by a local guide. Elena described events in the communist history very well, and her description of these events was made even more interesting with the anecdotes she told about specific people's experiences. She took us to places that we simply could not have found on our own without doing a lot of research. We not only learned a lot but it helped us to become familiar with the city centre and so I think it’s a great tour to do early on in your visit.
Tour of Communist Moscow
Loved it
We loved both the information and conversation with Alexander. A most interesting and informative two hours. Thank you!
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Superb Tour
The Moscow Car Tour is definitely a good tour if you are a first time visitor to Moscow. The guide was very friendly, professional, and flexible at the same time. It provides a good overview of some of the most important city highlights, including the Kremlin and Red Square. I would highly recommend this to first time visitors to Moscow.
Moscow Car Tour
Very knowledgeable guide
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and we learned a great deal about the history and interesting facts and anecdates relating to the Metro stations. I am sorry but I can't remember his name.... the only thing that could be improved would be to give us more time to take pictures. I felt the tour was too rushed and I often found myself walking fast to catch up after stopping to take photos. Also, we were the only two in the tour as others didn't show up, which turned out to be great - but I think it's better to use a headset so people can hear the guide over the noise. Overall, I'm glad I reserved the tour!
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
A "must" tour
Palaces for the People: Moscow Metro Tour
Alexander Kovalenko was a perfect guide
We had a very interesting tour with Alexander. He was very knowledgeable and at the same time open to answer many other questions we had. Great guide, great tour!
Moscow Kremlin Tour
Amazing historic tour!
This was like going back in time with a guide. We got to visit several of moscows major stations and find out about the fascinating history and detail behind each station. I highly recommend.
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Good Guide, good tour
The tour covers The top attractions. Masha The guide was very good, has a good English she is very kind and knowledgeble. We had a small incident with The Driver that made us loose some time, but at the end, all was set well and The company have us some extra time.
Moscow Car Tour
Interesting but relaxed and a very pleasant guide
Moscow for Dummies
Must must must
I feel very bad I forgot the guides name... I thinks it was Andre.... he seemed like a very fun guy.... he really knows his stuff... extremely patient.... and a good sense of humour.... it’s because of him I understood the metro system so well .... and have used it for my entire trip.... I recommend everyone to go for this trip hosted by Moscow me...
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour

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