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Daytime coffee...evening drinks...

Why locals love it

While located close to the Old Town, this is a true local spot. The cafe has a large outdoor space that sits right next to the Radoblja River which offers a refreshing breeze during the summer months. Whether you are looking for a daytime coffee or evening drinks, you will be in good company at Cafe Time.


Why you should visit it

Hang out with the local crowd! Start your day here with fantastic coffee or return for drinks to close out the day. Ask for a tavla board for a game of backgammon while you enjoy your drinks. During Football season, matches are projected on an outdoor screen in the evening.

Special tip

You can order coffee anywhere...but the coffee here is particularly good. Solid selection of beer (bottled and draft) - you won't find a better price!

Cafe Time
Husnije Repca 3, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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