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Hungry? Fill up at Food House!

Why locals love it

The food is quality and the selection offers both traditional food alongside new, non-standard dishes not offered elsewhere in Mostar! The staff is fantastic - friendly and helpful. Although it is located in Old Town, the price is also reasonable for locals. When locals frequent a restaurant - you know its good.


Why you should visit it

Located just at the beginning of Old Town, Food House Mostar offers a great range of dishes to accommodate all tastes and potential dietary restrictions. The food is fresh and has a "home-cooking" quality about it while being one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in Old Town. Always filled with both travelers and locals!

Special tip

For those wanting to sample the traditional grilled meats, get the Sultans Wedding feast to share. For something lighter, try the trout dishes!

Food House
Mostar (Mostar), Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina
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