Glockenbachviertel in Munich

Why locals love it

The Glockenbachviertel is the heart of Isarvorstadt, a borough located south-east of Munich's Old Town. It is a vibrant part with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The Glockenbachviertel, together with the beautiful Gärtnerplatz, is also the known for Munich's gay culture, with gay bars and clubs located primarily along Müllerstraße.

Why you should visit it

With Schwabing being the more traditional neighbourhood, the Glockenbachviertel is younger, more eccentric and more liberal. Attractive during the day for shopping in small boutiques or chilling in cute cafés, the river nearby for relaxing. And during nighttime the many bars and clubs offer enough reasons for not going to sleep too soon.

Special tip

The Gärtnerplatz is the main attraction of this area and a wonderful place to enjoy life.

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