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Where to go for drinks?!

By Traveller October 25, 2016

Where to go for drinks?!

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By Fabienne Traveller October 25, 2016

Somewhere nice, preferably with music, not too expensive

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Hofbrauhaus! The traditional German pub experience. Live music, great German beer and food, and a fun atmosphere. Some would consider a tourist attraction but that only means meeting people from all over the world. I highly suggest
Local October 25, 2016
Do we need a reservation or we have to buy tickets at the door? Can you please tell me more about it.. Thanks Conor
Do you like beer? Surching for something traditional?
Local October 25, 2016
Yes, also this can do
Dear Fabienne,

in a city of 1.5 million people you can assume that there are countless places to go for a drink so you would have to specify your question:

- what kind of music?
- what kind of drinks (wine? cocktails? beer?)?

In most places you would have to calculate with about 10€ (+/- depending on location, happy hour prices, ...) for a long drink or cocktail. And of course, "nice" usually comes hand in hand with higher prices.
Local Guru October 25, 2016
Hello Toby,

Thank you for the fast answer, what I am looking for is somewhere you can enjoy international pop/soft rock music, see a different decor or a theme and any alcohol will do.
Btw staying here till Thursday night if this may help.
Well that's not my core topic but I did some quick research. You can try "Substanz", they usually have live music or artists. "Pusser's" surely is one of the best cocktail bars in Munich with piano music. "Mariandl" is a classic cafe with live music in the evening, but more jazz than pop/rock. Most bars I go to prefer electronic music so I am sorry for being not too helpful. If you are looking for rock and are in favor of something more alternative, try "Sehnsucht Bar" - but I would never describe this place as "nice" ;)