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By Traveller July 20, 2018


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By Yana Traveller July 20, 2018

My name is Yana. I'm doing a research for the company Gremm Group, which is engaged in works to improve the urban environment. In the framework of the study, we want to summarize the opinions of local residents about the most comfortable cities in the world. We will be grateful for your opinion. And we are also ready to pay your efforts to prepare an essay.

*Do you know how I can reach the guy Toni, which you recommended to me?

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3 answers

yes, just go on any review of munich, mostly food, and 9/10 it‘s his review
Local July 23, 2018
Okay, thank you
I‘m not a local, maybe it is best to ask a local. There is also a guy named Toni who does amazing reviews on the Munich site, he is a great person to ask.
Local July 20, 2018
Do you know how I can reach him?
Hi Yana how can I help?
Local July 20, 2018
It would be great if you could write a small essay by answering these questions:
1. What do you think makes your city comfortable for living? What do you like most about it?
2. What is most annoying and makes life less comfortable?
3. What do tourists like best about your city?
Also, like I said, we are ready to pay your efforts to prepare an essay.