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New Years Day - what's open?

By Traveller November 13, 2016

New Years Day - what's open?

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By Lauren Traveller November 13, 2016

Would love a brunch spot for Jan 1 (nothing too fancy, no hotels; something more unique/low key). Also what to DO?? Museums or just walk around??

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I have only been in Munich for 4 months but if it's like any other holiday, it's going to be a ghost town. Supermarkets and stores all closed, and probably restaurants too. Stock up on food and have lots of movies and popcorn on hand.
Traveller November 15, 2016
Dear Lauren,
I find it difficult to answer to any of your questions (properly) because I have no idea how you want to spend your time, what is "unique" to you, what is your budget, what are your interests, etc.
I don't want to be rude but I need more than only these 2 lines from you in order to help you.
Local Guru November 13, 2016