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Need advice for dinner group in new year eve

By Traveller December 4, 2018

Need advice for dinner group in new year eve

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By Luís Traveller December 4, 2018

Hello, me and some friends (we are a group of 9 people) are going some days to Munich, and we will be on 31/12. We would like to have a new year eve dinner in some place and them at midnight go to the center to celebrate. What would be the recommendations for a group dinner in this day? We don't need nothing too much fancy.

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I tend to trust recommendations by the Sueddeutsche daily, never been disappointed.

As no.1 I'd suggest the very traditional Andechser, famous for the monastery's brewery:

If you like it vegetarian, Tian is the best I know. Check their homepage - if you go to the German version, you'll find reservations for New Year's Eve.

try Albarone, no menu, no pricelist, tell the chef what your price limit is and he will fit your wallet. - a mix of Italian and Alpine style with new dishes every day depending on what the chef has found to be the day's best quality in the market. :

Less pricey and very traditional is the Ratskeller in the basement of the Rathaus right at Marienplatz, can't miss it. You can make online reservations.

My personal favourite, however, is the high-quality budget Italian/Tyrolian restaurant Laurin, just a 10-minute walk from Marienplatz. Their lunches are superb and very affordable - check their homepage for reservations and menu:
to find their location, click "Lage" on their homepage.

Local December 4, 2018
Thanks a Lot John. Very valuable advises.
Luís Traveller December 4, 2018