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What is The best places for brunch in munich ?

By Traveller December 7, 2018

What is The best places for brunch in munich ?

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By Salwa Traveller December 7, 2018

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Hi Salwa,

Here are some of my favourites:

1. Cafe Bla - They serve in my opinion the best coffee around town. My favourite here is to have a Filter Coffee with a bean of my choice (Columbian), accompanied by a Salmon & Avocado Waffle and Orange juice for a little more than 10 euros as a breakfast set.

2. Rischart Marienplatz - Here you'll not only get a nice variety of breakfasts including a traditional German white sausage breakfast, but if you order a hot drink, you'll get a second one for free of equal or lesser value. This tops the list for views, since you'll be sitting by windows that directly face the New Town Hall at Marienplatz. Be sure to get in early to snap yourself a good seat though!

3. Cafe Rosi - This one is not so far from Cafe Bla. This is a nice place if you're in a group, or generally want a nice atmosphere. They have nice big windows and big square tables that are perfect for taking those instagram-perfect photos!

4. Cafe Aran - If you fancy something a little smaller, then you can go to Cafe Aran and grab yourself an open sandwich with your choice of two toppings, as well as a nice slice of cake or a piece of florentine with a good cafe. Generally standing space only though.

5. Hungriges Herz - A little more busy, this place will serve you a bit more of your traditional style brunch, and is a good option when eating things like vegan food, or bowls is a high on your list.
Local December 8, 2018