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What to do on Dec 31st and Jan 1st in Munich

By Traveller December 11, 2018

What to do on Dec 31st and Jan 1st in Munich

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By Fabrizio Traveller December 11, 2018

Hi, my friends and I are coming to Munich to spend New Year's Days. I've read that many shops and attractions are closed on dec 31st and jan 1st, so I'd like to know some nice activities in the city (beside the Pinakothekens, I'm already factoring them in). Like: nice places/parks to stroll around, bars or pubs to try, olympiapark (?).
We are already going to Dachau on Jan 2nd, just before leaving back for Italy.

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Hey Fabizio!

So awesome that you and your friends are coming to Munich to celebrate the New Year! There's nothing that beats starting a new year abroad, except celebrating it abroad with the people you love!

Here in Munich over New Year's Eve a lot of people head over to the Olympiaberg. It's a big hill in the Olympiapark (U3 station Olympia-zentrum) near the BMW museum. There you'll find a bunch of other people who are there with friends, and perhaps a few drinks waiting to light things up into the New Year. You can get your fireworks at the supermarket and we usually stock up a few days before, so I suggest getting yours early before the good ones run out!

In addition, it's also common for people to have a Raclette dinner beforehand. It's like a kind of eating where people put a bunch of ingredients together on little palm-sized pan trays like you would when making pizza, and then putting that inside a special little grill that sits at the centre of the table. While I don't know any restaurants that offer this, you may be lucky to find a raclette set in the supermarkets or department stores!

If you're looking to go to bars or restaurants, I would recommend exploring the Schwabing area near the station Universität (U3/U6). If any places are going to be open, then that would be the best area to be in. Plus, you have a connection to the U3 train to take you to Olympia-zentrum afterwards for the countdown.

Have a great time in Munich!!!
Local December 12, 2018