Kasespatzle at a beer garden

By Traveller April 16, 2019

Kasespatzle at a beer garden

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By I Traveller April 16, 2019

We will be in Munich for only 1 day at lunch time. We would like to try kasespatzle and a beer garden. Is there one place to experience both?

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check out these:

It's definitely on the menu at "Seehaus". Most others have it too. I suggest take a walk through the English Garden past the nude sunbathers and starting with the Chinesischer Turm check out the next 5 or 6 beergardens heading north inside the English Garden, the second or third one being my favourite - Seehaus and Hirschau


...... Bayrische Käsespätzle A Bavarian Mountain Cheese Pasta Dish: Geröstete Zwiebeln, Bergkäse, kleiner Salat (Fried onions, mountain cheese and mixed salad)

...... they say they have it always on their menu: Käse-Rahmspätzle mit Röstzwiebeln und kleinem Salat

... has a Swiss version: “Älplermagronen” – Swiss pasta with noodles, potatoes, fresh herbs and spicy cheese, served with roasted onions, apple compote or
mixed market salad

.... Cheese Spaetzle, with regional mountain cheese roasted onions and a side salad with mustard herb dressing

Bon apetite! Mahlzeit!
Local April 16, 2019
The Seehaus in the English garden is probably your best bet as it offers an extensive traditional hot food Bavarian food menu.
Local April 16, 2019