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Hey Everyone! Trains in Germany.

By Traveller October 1, 2020

Hey Everyone! Trains in Germany.

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By George Traveller October 1, 2020

Hey guys...I am planning to visit Bavaria in 2021 hopping the things get better...Which is the best way to travel around ? With DB trains? Any travel pass that worth it? Also i was thinking and the flix buses.....We are planning to stay about 12 days and make a tour in Bavarian cities, Castles etc. I will appreciate any help guys. We are backpacker travelers and we like to see local things in Bavaria. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi George,

good Plan! Bavaria is beautiful with its Citys, Lakes and Mountains so you can discover a lot.
The Prices for Flix-Bus and train depend on when are you booking and if its holiday time in bavaria etc.
For Bavaria there is an Special Ticket at DB (Deutsche Bahn ) so check the Bayern-Ticket, its valid for whole bavaria.
Enjoy your stay and if you come to Munich maybe we meet on our PubCrawl!
Hey George,
12 days is good enough for the whole of Bavaria. I did that once using Flixbus's €99 for 5 ticket.
However, for only Bavaria, I'd prefer taking DB's reggioBahn (RE) for short travels. They have a thing called group tickets (for 5) and that's valid across bavaria, for about €39 a day for 5 travellers only at nights and €53 for day.

Any other tickets from Flixbus or Flixtrain that can beat this price of €8/€10 per person is hard to get though imo. Do check out Omio for better options, you might get lucky.
Traveller October 1, 2020