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Winter Shoes in München

By Traveller January 7, 2021

Winter Shoes in München

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By Andrés Traveller January 7, 2021


This is Andrés. I've arrived in München a few weeks ago and I will be living here for 2 years.

I would like to ask for your recommendations for Winter Shoes. I need them for almost all the winter season and also for trekking. If you think two pairs are best for any purpose (city walking and trekking) then I'll be wide open to your suggestions.

Where to buy? What is the cost-benefit?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Andrés, Sure, two pairs are best. Or would you rather have one good expensive pair?
Unfortunately, you are not able to try them on which is par for the course when you go to a good shop - in the store they have different terrain you can try the shoes on. In any case, I would go for Löwe. I had mind for years (literally 20) until the sole fell off at the beginning of a hike....after I threw them away, I found out I could have sent them in and possibly had them repaired for free...
Local January 19, 2021