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Hostel for Oktoberfest

By Traveller March 27, 2017

Hostel for Oktoberfest

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By Nathalia Traveller March 27, 2017

Hi, need tips on where to stay! I´m going for the Oktoberfest.

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Hi Nathalia,

Its really hard question because they are mostly full during octoberfest and you doing well earlybird! If I were you I would prefer to stay in an hotel around central station of munich. Hostels are not that much cheap and staying away from munich will also cost train tickets. Also you will probably be drunk during the festival so you better stay around the tents :) If you will come with friends you may want to arrange a house via related websites too.
Local March 30, 2017
Thanks Emek!
Hi Nathalia,
congratulations on visiting lovely Munich on the worst possible date of the year :D
Accomodation can be a nightmare during Oktoberfest. Well, you can google yourself or search on hostelworld etc.
My tip is: Think about staying in another city that is easily accessable by train, i.e. Augsburg (pretty old town), Nuremberg (even prettier old town) or Ingolstadt (not so nice but not too far away).
I am sorry, I don't have a magical formular for this question.
Thanks Toby! Good luck to me.. xD