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Anything interesting in July 2017?

By Traveller April 19, 2017

Anything interesting in July 2017?

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By Lina Traveller April 19, 2017

I am planning a trip to Munich and I have a few questions.

1) Anything interesting happening in July sometime between July 1-15?

2) Any hotel/hostel recommendations?

3) Does anyone know any breweries that give tours?

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Check out Tollwood Summer Festival:

Everyday there are concerts and events, great food and cool setting in Olympic Park.

From 8th to 16th Munich will celebrate Christopher Street Day so there will be all sorts of events around that time.

On July 2nd there is the Munich Sports Festival at Königsplatz where you can witness all sorts of sports competitions and try out different sports.

On July 8th there is the so-called "Oben Ohne Festival" at Königsplatz

I hope that helpes :)