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Nice restaurants?

By Traveller May 23, 2017

Nice restaurants?

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By therese Traveller May 23, 2017

Hi we are 4 women coming to Munich in june and looking for a nice restaurant with good ambience and food. Im looking for a high end restaurant for saturday night and something local for sunday night. Can anyone help?

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Riegele , Augsbourg . 40 mins far from Munchen !
It's fantastic !
Enjoy your time
Local May 23, 2017
Thank you!!!
I would also add The spice bazaar to the list of fine dining.

Local May 23, 2017
thank you very much!!
Hello Therese,

if you say high end you should be prerpared to pay about 200€ per Person for a set menu, possibly more depending on your wine choices.

For high end Dining These are the ones I would recommend:
- Tantris (perhaps the most famous fine Dining Restaurant in Munich)
- EssZimmer (inside the BMW World and one of the rising stars)
- Dallmayr (an Institution and all time classic)
- Le Stollberg (French haute cuisine)

For local Dining I don't know what your Budget is so I will just mention a few:
- Pfistermühle (high end local cuisine)
- Wirtshaus Zum Straubinger
- Wirtshaus In Der Au
- Andechser am Dom

If you have any more questions, just let me know
thank you so much for your fast answer - I will look into those!