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What to see in Munich in a really short period of time?

By Traveller June 17, 2017

What to see in Munich in a really short period of time?

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By Cyrine Traveller June 17, 2017

I am going to visit Munich for one weekend, i'll be taking the bus by night from Bratislava ( i am volunteering there) on Friday and returning on Sunday night. So what are the must see in Munich? And how to get the most out of my weekend? Do you have any tips?

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Part 2 of my novel answer:

If you really wanna chill like a local, pack a few beers, a snack or lunch, put on your swim suit and bike down to the Flaucher area I mentioned before. We love relaxing in the sun down there, and cooking off in the chilly water (it's really not so bad!). Water shoes or good sandals recommended, the river's bottom is river stones.

As far as sights go, you'll see the big ones on the tour. You could also check out Olynpiapark, it's just a nice park though. Schloss Nymphenburg in the northwest of the city, Deutsches Museum (bring student ID for cheap entry if you have it), or the Pinakotheks (art galleries) close the center of the city.

Another fun activity would be taking the S-Bahn down to Ammersee (Herrsching stop) or Starnberger See (Starnberg stop) and exploring the lakes. Lots of active things to do in around the water.

If you want, there's also brewery tours, which could be fun and interesting. If you're into cars BMW Welt is pretty cool.

Tell me what you think of that, and let me know more about your interests and I could tailor some more suggestions for ya. I just woke up so maybe I'm forgetting something obvious! ;)

Let me know what you think!
Local Ambassador June 17, 2017
Hello Tom !
Thank you for helping me. That's really kind of you. I really liked what you suggested. Since you were really good person, in case you come to my city you can stay for free. :)
About the bicycle, too bad that i can't use it, i have broken my arm recently.
I've heard that you have some kind of touristic card for 24h, do you think it is worth it ?
Are you referring to the 24 hr. day transport card? If so, yes, they're worth it - as long as you plan on taking the public transport system a bunch that day, especially if you're going out further from the city center.
Hey Cyrine!

Hmm. One weekend in Munich. Since you get in early enough (it seems), I'd do a free walking tour (or a bike tour, if you're comfortable with biking in a large city in a large group) on Friday. That will rally help you get the lay of the land.

After that, you'll probably need a bite to eat. I'd suggest some typical Bavarian cuisine of course - but if you don't want to break the bank, you should get out of the city center a bit. Of course, the city transport system will take you anywhere you need to go. There's a couple spots which I like, Unionsbräu by the Max Weber Platz U-Bahn stop, Schmaus und Braus by the Münchner Freiheit stop, or you could head to a Biergarten (they are scattered all over the city). Cheaper version: find a bakery or to go a food stand somewhere and bring your food to the garden. As long as you drink their beer, that's all good. Recommended Biergartens are: Augustiner Keller, Löwenbrau, Zum Flaucher (a bit hard to get to but if you rent a bike the ride down the riverside to the Flaucher is awesome), Nockerberg, and I guess Chinesischer Turm.

Speaking of biking - that's something I really recommend! If you're confident on the bike, and you understand how bike lanes work (just stay in the asphalt strip in the sidewalk), I'd really recommend riding a bike around the city. There are some really nice rides around so Google around for there. Rent a bike via DB Call a Bike or MVG Rad. Should be pretty easy to get one.
Local Ambassador June 17, 2017