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Where can I buy German War Helmets ?

By Traveller June 21, 2017

Where can I buy German War Helmets ?

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By Yannick Traveller June 21, 2017

Hi. I am looking to buy a german war helmet. I am especially interested in finding a Pickelhaube or a similar type of helmet. I am also interested in any other type of war-related helmet. It doesn't have to be a real helmet, it can be a replica. It only has to be of good quality. Where could I find this in Munich ? Can you suggest any store or other location ?

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Hi Yannick,
if you are referring to anything from or resemebling WWI or WWII, then the answer is quite clear: ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.
As far as I know it is forbidden to sell anything that could glorify our wars and our Military back then.
So you are better off abroad where you can (especially in Eastern Europe) still find Shops that sell those things.